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DIRECT DEPOSIT AUTHORIZATION FORM TD Bank makes setting up direct deposit easy with this convenient pre-filled form. There are two types of direct deposit enrollment available Federal Government Benefit Compensation and Payroll Compensation. Steps to enroll for each are outlined below. 1. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BENEFIT COMPENSATION To sign up for direct deposit of your federal benefit payments such as Social Security SSI or VA Compensation and Pension Payment Go to the U*S* Department of the...
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Finally tonight think about how you feel about your bank now perhaps with that in mind one bank has done something crafty even emotional and it played out on video when some of their customers went to visit the ATM we get our report on it tonight from NBC's Harry Smith hi hi imagine your surprise hello there if your ATM knew your name hi Michael hi or your favorite team I'm awesome what if your ATM said thank you everything oh my life had such a beautiful surprised a lot of people in Canada got that shock recently when the TD banks there started a customer appreciation campaign as publicity stunts go this is pretty close to genius for in an age when we've used so many banks as impersonal monoliths of greed this one seems downright neighborly TD tellers nominated the customers who got the biggest thank you like Dorothy McNab who's been sending checks to her cancer stricken daughter and Trinity and those are tickets to Trinidad I just see you I am serious you're gonna go see your daughter and Trinidad thank you hi Christine and Christine Todd a widowed mother of two the bank gave them a trip and money to start a college fund you don't expect a thank-you at all you wake up every day doing what's natural striving to be the absolute best parent I can be there are no expectations where TD Bank didn't have talking ATMs employees handed out envelopes with $20 bills if you're in the boardroom of another bank this kind of thing would make you crazy maybe even make you do TD Bank one better I think we all agree go ahead and try Harry Smith NBC News